• Image of Tim McRae receiving Player of the Week Award next to Marcus Floyd

    You voted on who you think should be our Jon Wayne Player of the Week, and the votes are in. Congratulation to Tim McRae! Marcus Floyd heads down to O’Connor high school to get reactions from Head Coach David Malesky. He also gets reactions from proud parents, Monica McRae and Tim Mcrae Sr., and of ...
  • Image of Madison Halfback, Darien Gill during interview

    The Madison vs Johnson game has come to a close, and we have a winner. Madison emerges victorious from the game and are now district champions. Marcus Floyd joins the Mavericks as they celebrate their win. He also gets a few words from Quarterback Dante Heaggans, and Halfback, Darien Gill.
  • Image of O'Connor Panther Mascot on football field

    The coverage continues as high schools finish their final games of the season. As the last games of the season continue on, there’s always rivalry games among them. Harlandale and McCollum finished out their season with the Frontier Bowl rivalry game. While this isn’t the only rivalry game, it is the longest running high school ...
  • Image of Boerne-Champion and Alamo Heights football teams playing on football field

    Since this is the last week of the regular season, all the teams left with a chance to get into the playoffs are taking it. Smithson Valley Rangers took on the New Braunfels Unicorns and a win for either team means a ticket to the playoffs. Here are highlights from the game, including these high ...
  • Image of Madison Quarterback Dante Heaggans running down football field

    With high school footballs regular season coming to an end, what better way to say goodbye than talking about our game of the week. This week the Johnson Jaguars and the Madison Mavericks were playing for more than just another win.  If Madison won, they would be district champions. A win for Johnson on the ...
  • Image of Johnson Head Coach Ron Rittimann during interview

    The Johnson Jaguars faced off against the Madison Mavericks in their final game of the regular season. What better way to end their season than to make it our Game of the Week. Marcus Floyd gets a few words with Johnson Head Coach Ron Rittimann and Madison Head Coach Blaine Pederson. Brooke Shoemaker heads down ...
  • Image of Warren Quarterback Anthony Cisneros during interview

    And just like that, another playoff spot has been secured. The Warren Warriors defeated the Clark Cougars in their last game of the regular season. Warren wasn’t about to let go of their spot in the playoffs and now they won’t have too. Marcus Floyd talks to Warren Quarterback, Anthony Cisneros, down at Gustafson Stadium.
  • image of Austin Cooper practicing on football field

    Four teams have already taken their place in the playoffs next week, but the last week of the regular season isn’t over. The current schools heading into the playoffs are Kerville Tivy, Medina Valley, Alamo Heights, and Bourne-Champion. While the rest of the schools fight for their spot in the playoffs, two teams who secured ...
  • Image of MacArthur Brahmas and Lee Volunteers playing on football field

    As more teams try to steal a last minute spot in the playoffs during the last week of the regular season, the Harlan Hawks entered an interesting situation. The Hawks closed out their season at Laredo Martin, but a win could mean they grab a spot in this seasons playoffs. What if they lose, you ...
  • Image of Clark Cougars and Warren Warriors playing on Football Field

    This week marks the end of high school football regular season and that means next week the playoffs begin. Before we dig deep into playoff coverage, let’s focus on one of the final games of the regular season. The Warren Warriors took the field against the Clark Cougars. Marcus Floyd talks to the Warriors Head ...