• Image of Kobe and Michael

    The emotional roller coaster of ESPN’s “The Last Dance” continues as the latest episodes take viewers inside Michael Jordan’s battle with gambling, as well as the 1998 All-Star Game with a very young Kobe Bryant. Jill Jelnick, Richard Oliver, and Hector Ledesma discuss the fifth and sixth episodes of “The Last Dance.”
  • Image of Richard Oliver on Set

    We all like to believe that our favorite football team stands a chance at winning the Super Bowl every year. And if you’re a Patriots fan, that may be true, but for the rest of us we can only hope that it will be a fair season. Richard Oliver has more on this week’s Oliver’s ...
  • Image of Ezekiel Elliott Standing

    Ever since this Zeke drama started nearly a month ago, pretty much everyone, from Jason Garrett to Jerry Jones, to even teammates have said it’s just business. But, did Jerry Jones take it too far by saying, “Zeke who?” Jill Jelnick has 2Nite’s Take.
  • Image of Brynn Forbes Shooting Hoops at UIW While children watch

    Spurs summer camp just got a little bit more exciting with the guest appearance from Bryn Forbes.  He spent the day going over drills, techniques, and the importance of having a strong work ethic with the kids.  Our Sports2Nite correspondent Isabella Radovan has more from Spurs summer camp.
  • Image of Rogelio Armenteros

    Rogelio Armenteros made his first Major League start for the Astros against the Rangers and Houston couldn’t be happier. The rookie had six strikeouts in the five innings he pitched. Sports2Nite’s Jill Jelnick was at Minute Maid Park and has more.
  • Image of Aggie football player catching a ball but getting blocked by a longhorn player

    Why don’t the UT and Texas A&M football teams play each other? They’re rivals in every other sport and they should be in football too. Jill Jelnick gives us her thoughts in this edition of 2Nite’s Take.
  • Image of Robert Wuhl on Set

    The HBO show Arliss was a staple for sports fans back in 1996. The seven-season sitcom about a self-centered sports agent was full of cameos from famous athletes. The creator and lead actor in the show, Robert Wuhl, joined us in studio to discuss the impact of sports.
  • Image of Robert Wuhl on Set

    There aren’t too many people who can see sports from the lens of Robert Wuhl. The actor is in town for Celebrity Fan Fest this weekend and sat down with our Richard Oliver.
  • Image of Robert Wuhl and Adriana Torres on the Sports2Nite Set

    You may recognize Robert Wuhl from his hit HBO series Arliss that ran for many season back in 1996. The sitcom about a big-time sports agent was full of cameos from famous athletes. Wuhl is visiting San Antonio as a guest at Celebrity Fan Fest. He was even able to stop by the Sports2Nite studio ...
  • Image of Jill on Set

    U.S. Women’s soccer may be lower on your list of things to watch, but it really should be at the top. Jill Jelnick gives us her take on how the team is maintaining excellence, breaking records, and why you should support them.